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A REMARKABLE HISTORY makes the worlds greatest cocktail

The Town can cocktail is a premium vodka hard seltzer made with sparkling water, real fruit juices, and is low calorie, vegan, & gluten free.

Established in 2019, Avenues Beyond Control, owned by three minority women from Trenton, NJ, first produced their own television show called, “The KiKi Show,” during the trying time of the pandemic.
ABC brought in The KiKi vodka Company as a major sponsor for their television show. Working
diligently with The KiKi Vodka Company, in September 2022, ABC was offered a contract from KiKiVodka, to create and own a can cocktail affectionately named “The Town” paying homage to ABC’s hometown of Trenton, NJ. “The Town,” can cocktail, is crafted with premium, vegan, gluten free KiKi Vodka, hand picked fruit juices, monk fruit, sparkling water and DASSIT!

we do it for the town

Vodka. Fruit Juice. Water.

Our craftsmanship

Vodka. Fruit Juice. Water. Dassit!

Premium Vodka
sparkling water
real fruit juice

The townspeople